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Trading Solution 

The ultimate solution for discovering spot and contract trading opportunities and conduct negotiations. We provide a comprehensive solution that empowers you to discover both spot and contract trading opportunities. Our advanced algorithms match your specific requirements with suitable partners, saving you time and effort in the process. 

You gain access to a meticulously curated and KYC (Know Your Customer) approved list of trusted buyers, sellers, and traders. Our extensive network ensures that you can engage in negotiations with reputable and reliable counterparts, saving you time and mitigating risks. Conducting negotiations is a breeze on Cargo Match Making. Our secure and efficient communication tools enable you to interact directly with potential partners, fostering transparent and productive discussions. We believe that successful negotiations are built on trust, mutual understanding and respect, and our platform facilitates just that. 

Embrace the digital transformation while preserving the core values of relationship-based business. Together, we'll unlock new possibilities and pave the way for a prosperous future in the industry. 

Cargo Match Making

This brings together 30+ companies to find existing and new trading partners. ​

The advanced algorithms match your specific requirements with suitable partners, saving you time and effort in the process.​

Deal Previews

In the trading previews, you can find all the relevant information to make an informed decision on the cargo opportunities shown to you in the platform.​


Negotiation System

Once you posted a cargo and found a match, you can engage in the intuitive negotiation flow. 

  • Prepare the offer with a standardized form, even allowing to use templates​

  • Track the offers and counteroffers through a contract preview that highlights the changes​

  • Stay in control with notifications and validity timers​

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Cargo Management Solution

Cargo Management Solution 

The ultimate solution for effectively managing every aspect of your cargo operations. With our range of features you can take control of your cargo, seamlessly collaborate with your counterpart, handle and exchange documentation, efficiently manage tasks, and real-time vessel tracking. Our module offers a complete suite of tools and features to simplify your cargo operations. From planning and scheduling to execution and delivery, our platform provides a centralized hub for managing most aspects of your cargo, ensuring a smooth and streamlined process. 

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Efficient Documentation Management

Goodbye to manual paperwork. Our module allows you to digitize and manage all your cargo-related documentation in one secure location. Easily upload, organize, and access essential documents such as bills of lading, customs forms, and certificates, ensuring compliance and smooth documentation flow. 

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Real-time Vessel Tracking

Gain valuable insights into the whereabouts of your vessels with our integrated tracking feature. Monitor vessel positions, routes, and estimated arrival times in real-time, enabling you to make informed decisions and ensure optimal efficiency in your cargo operations. 

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Local & International Services

You can access services such as third-party logistics coordination (LTC), third-party inspection, insurance options, and more.

  • Streamline your international operations by leveraging these services & ensure smooth and secure transactions and maximize your efficiency and minimize risks with our comprehensive local service offerings. 

  • In terms of international services we offer inspections, Insurance, Trade and Shipping Operations, Financing, Risk Management and Contracting & Claims management.

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Customizable Services

Our module is designed to cater to your specific needs. Whether you're managing dry bulk shipments or specialized goods, our platform can be tailored to accommodate various cargo types, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to your unique requirements. 

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Task Management Made Easy

Keep your cargo operations on track with our intuitive task management system. Assign, track, and prioritize tasks related to your cargo, ensuring timely completion and efficient collaboration among team members. Stay organized and in control of every step in the cargo management process. 

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Data Security & Privacy

We prioritize the security and privacy of your cargo-related data. Our module is equipped with robust security measures to safeguard your sensitive information, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in our platform. ISO 27001.

General Features
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General Features

Your all-in-one digital platform and service provider taking the complexity out of seaborne bulk materials trading.

The trading landscape is complex. From emerging global and regional regulations to often-conflicting policies, procedures, and best practices, it’s harder and harder to stay competitive – and to ensure the reliability, accessibility, and sustainability partners demand. 


We get it – and that’s why our all-in-one platform leverages simple, intuitive technology to create connections, streamline supply chains, and drive massive scale. It’s a better way to navigate buying, selling, and managing cargo operations. And it’s ready to boost your supply chain, starting now. 

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Boost your productivity

Spend less time on the bureaucratic aspects of your business with our user-friendly software and focus on what matters. In one centralized place, you can: 

  • Negotiate your offers. 

  • Keep track of your trades and documents. 

  • Track your cargo in real time. 

  • And more! 

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Stay on top of the market

Make better decisions with our business intelligence at your fingertips. Stay updated on the market and prices. Track various materials indices, freight indices, trade flow volume and more. ​

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Maximize your margins

Maximize your margins by trading globally. Gain access to a global network of dozens of pre-screened buyers, sellers, and traders beyond your personal contacts. Only companies that meet our rigorous legal and financial customer due diligence (including Know-Your-Customer declarations) are allowed to register. 

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Control your privacy

We understand the value of privacy in our industry. You can choose to make your profile and trade requests public, keep them private, or limit access to your own network. You have control over your level of public visibility! Additionally, we ensure that your sensitive data is masked from our team. 

Blink KYC Form filled.

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