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Fondo Blink-03-03.jpg

Next Generation Services for Traders

Local Services

International Services

Next - Gen Shipping Agency

Introducing Blink

Blink is your all-in-one digital platform for overseeing your dry bulk cargo operations, including international and local services provided by your digital shipping agency. There are no limitations into which bulk commodities can be managed through the platform.


employees working across 8 offices worldwide

2.9M+ Tons

volume moved through the platform in first 6 weeks after launch


 countries serviced out of our service centers and offices

Local Services

International Services

Shipping Agency

When Blink is nominated as a digital agent, on top of performing the usual duties of a regular agent (e.g. port formalities and PDAs management):

  • We create and update your cargos on Blink

  • We upload your cargo documents on Blink according to the set timeline, ready to share with your counterparts, and set up an automatic document back-up on your system

  • We update port operations performance every shift

  • We track the vessel and provide live updates on expected dates

  • We provide a Live Statement Of Facts from our agents on the ground

  • We prepare the draft laytime calculation

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International Services


Cargo insurance

​Our cargo insurance service covers all types of cementitious materials and other dry bulk commodities, ensuring protection from point A to Point B worldwide. This will allow you be protected and don't risk any chances of adversity with your cargos.


Ship insurance

Through blink, you can find offers of secure insurance for any ship going from any one point to any other around the world.

There are no limitations regarding the country or the bulk materials that can be onboard and you will be able to rest assured as your shipments are in safe hands. 



Be sure that your commodities are exactly what you expected! We work in partnership with Intertek to secure your cargo operations and to guarantee that your commodities meet your needs.

We have established rates in 25+ ports and the flexibility to quote in many other countries.

Contact us to learn more!

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