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Multi-Cargo Tendering & Contract Management Solution

Launch tenders within the network

Cargo Ship at Sea
  • Structured process

  • Control tender participants, deadlines, and more

  • Manage several cargos under the same tender and contract

Contract Management

Contract Review
  • Declare fixed cargos

  • Declare optional cargos

  • Modify cargos (i.e. CFR from FOB)

Negotiation Process

  • Structured collaborative terms negotiation and deviations tracking

  • Full data privacy and security: ISO 27001 encryption

  • Recap and contract generation

  • Negotiate on  multiple  items  including commodities, ports, contract duration, financial options, among others

  • Integrated negotiation view for your tenders

Cargo Management Solution

control tower.png
  • Cargo Control Tower

    • Dynamic task deadlines

    • Collaborative tasks and documentation

  • Services

  • Tracking

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